April 9th 2006

100 Screenshots! Another update today with 30 new screenshots, so that's 100 so far! You can download them all in one archive on the Download page or the Screenshot Archive page. I also added some new regular players, and new boards in the forums, so go check'em out! I'm currently looking for videos of MTA or real life police chases for a new section I'm planning to add to the site soon. If you have any, go post them in the forums or e-mail them to me! Thanks, see ya on the server!

April 1st 2006

Hello everyone! Well, another web site update today, with, as usual, new regular players and updated screenshots. Be sure to check them out! I'm planning on adding content to the Map section of the web site this weekend, so stay tuned! Don't forget about Teamspeak and the Forums, go register and get posting! Lot's of new information in there too... Also, why not click on the GameMonitor link above and go vote for my server? Thanks! See ya!

March 27th 2006

Hey everyone! Minor update today, with a two new pages of Screenshots and some new regular players. Everyone out there get in the forums!!

Biggest news is a new Teamspeak server, thanks alot to [GZWN]Gamerz (a.k.a. Jack Thompson) - Gamerz World Network So get on it everyone, it's great for Cops and Robbers! Check out the Forums for a detailed tutorial on how to install Teamspeak and get it working! Teamspeak Address: Removed

March 26th 2006

Hi all you loyal Crazy troops! Major update today, with new regular players, lots of posts in the forums, and of course TWO WHOLE PAGES of new screenshots! Ok ok so it's not that much, but you gotta give me time people! I plan on working on pages for the Maps soon, with pics of each map and descriptions and stuff... It'll probably be cool! Anyways, everyone's gotta check out the Detailed Radar Mod, it's just amazing!!!

Also wanted to say thanks to [GZWN]Gamerz (a.k.a. Jack Thompson the Ad bot) for naming CrazyBob's server of the month on his gaming web site, Gamerz World Network !! So see ya on the server guys!

March 22nd 2006 - Welcome to the Website!

Hello Everyone! CrazyBob here, welcoming you all to my brand spankin' new web site! I'll be working hard all week to fill it up with content, so bear with me while I work on it. While you're here, why not click on the Game Monitor link and go vote for my server!

Also, check out the two new maps that have been recently added to the server, Crackhead Country and Ferrari Heist. They should be lots of fun. I will mostly be making maps specifically for respawn now, so certain maps don't have a non-respawn version - like Crackhead Country and Ferrari Heist. Also, I'm planning a new map based on Bayside Chase, with a bit more challenge. :) I won't tell you more, it'll be a surprise...

Anyways I wanted to say a special thanks to all the great players out there who make the MTA experience a great one. Team work is important for Cops and Robbers, and alot of you are really fun to play with! So see ya on the server, and remember, No Speeding or you will pay! :)