May 27th 2006 - Bye bye MTA!

Yes, It's Here! The Major SA-MP script update is complete, and up on the server!! For now, more information is only availible in the Forums, so go check it out! The MTA server is closed for now, sorry to any loyal MTA fans out there! More info on the SA-MP Script and a major web site update coming soon, so stay tuned! For now, check out the Forums. Hope to arrest you soon!

Go Download SA-MP

May 5th 2006

Hello Everyone! Sorry if I haven't updated the web site earlier, I've been quite busy lately! We've got quite a few new maps on the server, including 4 new CrazyBob maps (check Server Maps Section). They should be quite fun! I had lots of screenshots to add, so I've moved ALL the old screenshots into the screenshot archive, and I've added 6 new pages of screenshots (yes, that's 60 screenshots). I also updated the Admins section, and added new Regular Players, so go check it out! See you on the server!

April 22nd 2006

Hi everyone, I updated a few things today such as Regular Players and Screenshots, so go check them out. I've also noticed that not many of you have voted on the polls in the Give Your Opinion section of the forums, so please go vote so I can get some feedback! Good work on keeping out the cheaters everyone, keep posting evidence in the forums! Thanks!

April 16th 2006

Hi all you crazy players! Not a big update today, mostly wanted to let you know about my new map, Bayside Extreme. As you guessed, it's a kind of Bayside Chase 2. Go try it out, and then don't forget to go rate it in the forums! Also got a new admin, all you regular players know him as Mr.X We got a great group photo tonight on the server, hope we can do it again with more regular players! Go check out the screenshots!

Don't forget, is the new URL!

April 14th 2006

Hey everyone! Biggest news today is the new redirect ! Still working out the thank you's.. The old url will still work, but this one is sooo much easier to remember! Also added new regular players and 30 new screenshots. The forums have been pretty quiet these past few days, SO GET POSTING EVERYONE!!