January 9th 2007 - CnR Beta 3 Released

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! As you can see, the website is back up... Version C2 Beta 3 of the script seems to be working out great, and we're currently working on some great new gameplay features for Beta 4, which should come soon. I've added 70 screenshots, so be sure to check them out. New regular players have also been chosen, visit the forums for more information. I'll also be adding group pics of the camping trip soon, so check back often. See you on the server!

December 15th 2006 - CnR C2 Released!

After 2 and a half long months of work, CrazyBob's Cops And Robbers C2 Is Finally Here! I hope you like it! Visit the Help section of the website (new) or visit the forums for detailed information. The script is current in public Beta testing, so there will probably be bugs. Report any bugs or typos in the forums. Another website update with screenshots will be available soon. Have Fun!

November 9th 2006 - CnR C2 in progress

Hey everyone, we've been quite busy recently working on version 2.0 of the script, and it's almost ready! A minor website update today, with only 10 new screenshots... Also, don't forget to check your stats regularly!

October 7th 2006

Hey all, I did a minor website update today, with 30 new screenshots and a few new regular players. The admins page has also been updated a bit. Don't forget to check out your stats if you're registered,and visit the forums! Version 2.0 of the script is coming along nicely, and I should get alot done this week... So stay tuned for more info, and enjoy the new screenshots!

September 23rd 2006

Hi everyone! I updated the web site today, with new screenshots, group pics and regular players. The web stats are also available directly on the web site now, just click the Player Stats button in the menu to the left. Mr.X will try to update the web stats as often as possible.

As some of you probably already know, there won't be a "version 1.3" of the script. I've decided to completely rebuild the script from the ground up. Don't worry though, nothing will be removed, but alot of things will be added :P Stay tuned for more information!

Check out the Screenshots!