March 22nd 2007 - Some news

Hey everyone. Just wanted you to know that we're still alive, and as always, we're still working on the script! We've got some more great features coming for Beta 6, so stay tuned! Visit the Forums or IRC Chat for the latest news, and don't forget the Screenshot Gallery!

Also, some regulars have started a little online newspaper about CnR, called "The CnR Weekly Word". It has some great articles about different server events and players, be sure to check it out!

March 9th 2007 - CnR Beta 5 Released

Hi Everyone! Version C2 Beta 5 of the script is currently on the server, I hope you enjoy the new features! I've finally updated the website, so new information has been added to the help section. I've also added a ton of new screenshots, so be sure to visit the gallery. I'd also like to point out that the SA-MP Dev. Team has released a preview of SA-MP 0.2, there's two great videos that will show you some of the stuff they've been working on! Flying Monster trucks FTW! :D Visit their web site for the videos...

Click Here For The Official SA-MP Website

Click Here For The Screenshot Gallery

February 15th 2007 - 1 Year of CnR!

Hello fellow crazy people! About 1 year ago, CrazyBob's MTA server was started.. Yes, it's already been 1 year! Thanks to everyone who made the server such a great place to play! Be sure to check out the 1 year video. We're currently working on Version C2 Beta 5 of the script, which will include alot of cool new stuff. The Player Stats are updated regularly, so be sure to check them out. Alot of new screenshots have also been added to the new screenshot gallery, so go upload your pics and Vote for your favorites! Hope to see you on the server soon!

Click Here For The 1 Year Movie (10.5 Megs, .wmv format)

Click Here For The New Screenshot Gallery

February 3rd 2007

Hey everyone, after a few webhost problems, we're back up and running. I'd like to thank Pole_Ice and shoe for everything they've done to help. We also have a new IRC Channel on GTA Net (, #cnr), come check it out! Last, but definitely not least, we have a new screenshot gallery where you can upload your sa-mp screenshots and pics for everyone to see and comment, instead of hosting them elsewhere and posting them on the forums. The entire CrazyBob screenshot archive will probably be moved to this gallery too, so start posting your pics!

Click Here For The New Screenshot Gallery
Click Here To Join #CnR On IRC (GTANet)

January 26th 2007 - CnR Beta 4 Released

Hey all, as most of you already know, Version C2 Beta 4 of the script is now out, with some great new features like fishing, truck deliveries, casino robberies, horse race bets and dice betting. I hope you like all of these new features, and we've got some more surprises planned for Beta 5, which we're working on at the moment. Remember to visit the forums and Irc channel for all the latest news, and hope to see you on the server soon! Also, be sure to check out the screenshots, I've added alot of new group pics of the recent camping trip and skydiving trips.